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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Reflection -- Reflecting on where I was this time last year and where I'm today... Looking at this woman in the mirror I see a more mature reflection.  One who understands humility, forgiveness and most importantly God's grace and mercy.  Which allows me to see all things are possible with God and when the storms of life arrive I'm hit with the realization that most of the issues/heartache etc... are centered around my inability to release control and wanting the world to be according to "Angie"  As I evolve into a more mature Christian I have realized and embrace the true understanding of "surrender"  I'm not in control, that is God's role.  Surrendering has been and continues to be a slow hard and often painful process one of leaving self of out the situation and not being controlled by my flesh or the world.  It has truly been a transformation of my mind, body and soul; to walk, think and be Christ-like... rewarding me a peace that (as grandma used to say) passes all understanding.   When the storms hit; remember you are being tested, even when you think no one is watching: what master will you serve... what direction will you take, who will you honor, (EXHALE and PRAY) then call upon the Holy Spirit within you. Look at that man or woman in the mirror and know that you can't hide from God.  Be true to the path God is directing.      

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